#DinosUnite ...Or we go extinct!!

R & D The Musical Act I

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#DinosUnite - Act I, Scene i - "Onesie"

Act1, Scene1, Set0: "Overture (Words vs Swords vs Swordfish)". Act I instrumental overture, some production credits, and a unicorn sighting.

Act1, Scene1, Set1: "Kingdom of the Dinosaurusses". 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs face an unexpected destiny. But wait! Whose in that cage on center stage? It's Onesie the (#postgender) Dinosaurus, the T-Rex guitarist with a passion for survival. Could Onesie have some plan to save their #dinosaur peers from extinction?

Act1, Scene1, Set2: "In A Onesie". 65 million years after being knocked out by a UFO (#unicorn flying object (which ALLEGEDLY wiped out all the highly-evolved #Dinosaur Species and incredibly advanced Rexocratic Society!?!)), Onesie The Dinosaurus wakes up on a melting glacier near #Newfoundland, Canada. It's 2019!Onesie hitches a ride with friendly zillionaire #philanthropist @DrDino_1 to #Montreal, where they (#postgender) recounts the story to a crowd of bystanders at open mic night. The crowd may-or-may-not include several #timetravel ing intergalactic groupies.

Act1, Scene1, Set3: "Follow That Dino!". Still 65 million years later, Onesie believes the dinosaurs are dead, and befriends to the monkey species currently dominating the bio-sphere. I'm not gonna fail us, again.

Act1, Scene1, Set4: "Segue". Introducing Rym-Manuel McRapta, celebrity composer and #DinosUnite narrator. Raptor summarizes the context, since while Onesie performs at Montreal open mic, something very exciting is about to happen!

Act1, Scene1, Set5: "Space Dinos". Onesie falls asleep after their open-mic set in Montreal. But this is not a dream! Two dinosaurs visit the earth looking for Onesie, armed with six-string communicators, telling their survival story. "We were united, or we'd've failed," but Onesie was lost when they escaped the aftermath of an asteroid-sized (unicorn) spaceship crash-landing on earth! These Die-Nos are none other than intergalactically legendary #DinoRock-pioneering MOUTH GUITARISTS, looking for long-lost comrade Onesie!

Studio edition (audio):

Act1, Scene1, Set6: "Post-Rock Dinosaurusses". The search for Onesie intensifies, everywhere all-at-once on modern day earth. More dinos land and join time-traveling groupies in global #flashmobs, to the Mouth Guitarists' first pan-galactic success "Post-Rock Die-no Soarusses". They hope to find Onesie before it's too late, by merging their RAWRs together, and recruiting monkey-people. "We are the post-rock dinosaurusses!" How did they survive?!?! Will they find Onesie? Meanwhile, why not sing-and-dance-along with the post rock dinosaurs!

Act1, Scene1, Set7: "Onesie W@nders", a flashback. Onesie is dreaming, a 65 million year flashback, before they became aware of The Asteroid, to their world-meandering tyrannosaurus life. Lose yourself in, or find yourself through, the myriad truths and illusions.

Act1, Scene1, Set8: "Dinosaur Valley". In simple story-telling style, Onesie narrates their unicorn encounter and what happened next -- running desperately all around dinosaur valley looking for collaboration and support, but who will listen? A montage of unicorn voices provide guidance, shout-outs to our numerous unicorn collaborators RAQUEL, BEV&FRED, ALEJANDRA, CHRISTIAN, JAMES, JANA, SOFIA, ANA, NINA, JAROD, AND our all-star vocal celebrity CURRENT (@globalsolidarity).

Act1, Scene1, Set9: "Empathy (What are you going to do?)". Onesie struggles to rally the dinosaurs to truth and action! What are they going to do? If only the other dinosaurs were brave enough to face their feelings..... maybe they'd have a chance to overthrow the authoritarian rexocracy doubling-down on demise.

Act1, Scene1, Set10: "End of an Era". Another #DinoRock classic from the Mouth Guitarists; Die-nos are waking up everywhere, and starting to see that they will go extinct unless they #DinosUnite. But hark, and hope, we are not alone! Scene 1 ends!

#DinosUnite - Act I, Scene ii - "Onesie's First Rockpera"

Act1, Scene2, Set0: "Onesie's Plan". Soothing tunes accompany a first intermission. Rhy-manuel McRapta presents Onesie's plan: a rock opera!?! Who would have guessed!? And we're off! Please enjoy responsibly!

Act1, Scene2, Set1: "Dinocracy". Young Onesie opens #DinosUnite Scene 2 , performing a solo act for the rexocrats and their minions at a T-Rex banquet hall. They point out how unquestioningly following the status-rex-quo is leading the dinosaurs to TOTAL EXTINCTION, hoping it inspires the leadership organizations to come up with a better fucking plan. The dinos keep feasting irreverently… a few Intergalactic Fans have accumulated below the stage but cannot pass the stegasaur guards. "They've trained you to be bored,"

Act1, Scene2, Set2: "Different Kinds". Young Onesie puts words to the species-based system they have observed, and calls out to the rexes (and other species’ “leadership”) how through passivity they are in fact participant accomplices. Two stoic stegas guard the stage.

Act1, Scene2, Set3: "Slaves". Young Onesie puts real words to the dino-situation, instead of PC crap designed to keep the dinos feeling good about themselves so they can better service The Rexocracy. The banquet hall has degenerated into more insanity. However, outside the hall the Intergalactic Fans have gathered below the stage, where they are allowed to congregate, and are rocking out in support.

Act1, Scene2, Set4: "Encore". The banquet degenerates into chaos. The stegasaur guards are under-staffed, and Intergalectic Groupies swarm the stage. Onesie is lifted by hands and carried around the hall, and into the audience. The curtain falls on the madness, but the encore persists. Rym-Manuel McRapta sits calmly, then stands up and steps to the mic to introduce the next scene.

#DinosUnite - Act I, Scene iii - "Onesie's Second Rockpera"

Act1, Scene3, Set1: "Little Dinosaurus". Scene 3 begins, outside the banquet hall... =)

Act1, Scene3, Set2: "Break Us". Why are you trying to train me? Do you think that i'm a dog? Why do you need to break me? I'm already broken enough! Why are you trying to train us? Do you think that you're a god? Why do you need to #BreakUs? You've already broken enough! Paper vs rock, scissors vs swords, burn all the honey, fix all the words! Money vs governance, west vs east, gender vs truth, loving vs free! Paper vs rock, scissors vs swords, burn all the honey, fix all the words! Food not bullets, water not bombs, thought not dogma, bridges not walls! #equality #planet #dinosunite

Act1, Scene3, Set3: "Privilege". Onesie continues their second Rockpera outside the Banquet Hall, targeting post-national youth .... of all ages. A few interesting characters observe from the shadows. "What is this privilege for? What is this privilege for? Would you surrender your crown, and could we open the door; Should we take to the streets, can we boycott the stolen? What if we stopped doing work that furthers the warring?" "What if we listened and learned, to how our privilege was earned, and if we rose, if we turned, into ronin resworn, if we echoed the silenced, until they were heard, it's time to swallow our pride, and let the monuments burn!"

Act1, Scene3, Set4: "Intermission". Onesie takes a break, amid cheers and whistles from loving post-national fans of all species. Rym-Manuel McRapta narrates from the mic in front of the curtain. Onesie dons the skin of their arch-nemesis D-Rex, and returns to the stage to finish their second rock opera.

Act1, Scene3, Set5: "Feed The Rexes". The rexrockpera begins -- Onesie dressed as D-Rex king of the rexocracy speaks truth to a crowd of mixed-kind post-national youngsters. How can you control a society? It starts by controlling the rexes. You gotta feed the rexes first, then train them all to focus on their roles.

Act1, Scene3, Set6: "Work Dinos Dinos, Work". The rexrockpera continues!

Act1, Scene3, Set7: "Buy More Shhhh!". DREX takes a break while his shower's heating up, to share the truth of how he's maintained his grip on the top of the global dinarchy. Buy more shit, build more shit, burn more shit.... and don't pay the women!

Act1, Scene3, Set8: "After/Words". Post-Nationals of all kinds and ages form a drum circle in the aftermath of Onesie's final set. Rym-Manual McRapta narrates, and the curtain closes. That's all folks.... Or Is It!?????

#DinosUnite - Act I, Finale

"Dinos Embrace". While Onesie sleeps, and the post-nationals plot, The Mouth Guitarrists and an entourage of intergalactic groupies remind any monkeys watching the show how little they actually know about the fate of the dinosaurusses! We hope you enjoyed the show. Stay tuned for Act II, or better yet, get involved! RAWRRRR! "Of Course we saw dat ast’roid coming, No way us dinos, gonna go out easy."

#DinosUnite - The #PostNational's Proposal