#DinosUnite ...Or we go extinct!!

Act I -- a 52min feature film. Act II -- an on-going collaboration. Act III -- now recording!


The third act of the #DinosUnite post-rock opera is now under production. We are pleased to present the first music video from Act III: "De-Colonize", and more coming soon. =) Whereas Act I is a first-person presentation, and Act II is a first-person plural collaboration, Act III is about YOU ... We are in poly-crisis; the existential threat is real. We cannot remain passive, expecting others to solve this problem for us, and we cannot accept how the system minimalizes the individual as an exploited (human-like)-resource and escapist (and/or desperately dependent) consumer. Act III shifts the call to action towards the audience. Each and every one of us must realize our potential, connect across culture, language, and political mis-information.... and get the job done. Let's go!

Act3, "De-Colonize". "Onesie, we have spoken, Onesie, you've been woken: throw aside your yoke and, face the asteroid!"

Act3, "The Rexes Will Fall". "Mission impossible, impossible mission! Can we connect across this infinite schism?", music video TBD. Please enjoy at soundcloud.com/dinos_unite/the-rexes-will-fall.

Act3, "Dinos Embrace". "Dinos embrace, the problems we face: we cannot wait on, the failing states." Originally produced as the finale of Act I, Dinos Embrace is perhaps the best way to jump into the Act III moment.

Beyond Act III

In parallel to the Act III production... here is some of our latest work:

"STOP!". An assessment of what global society looks like today, and how conventional classist values will not help us through the polycrisis.

The core realization and call-to-action is that today's society, despite celebrity glamour on tiktok and TV, and the wealth/waste available within dominant colonial cultures, is that society has Already Failed,... and will continue to pretend otherwise, while oil and weaponry exists to exploit (what little is left) of the global commons. As observed at Weltmuseum, Vienna, "Science Fiction(s)" exhibit 2023: "The end of the world will not take place exclusively in the future." We researched the economic reality, and indeed, we stand over the edge of a collosal catastophe, already felt by the vast majority of the global population, and also within the corridors and cubicles of the so-called 'successful'. But what's the alternative?!?! #DinosUnite!