#DinosUnite ...Or we go extinct!!

Act I -- a 52min feature film. Act II -- an on-going collaboration. Act III -- now recording!

Act II - A Collaboration

We are unicorns, and this is a dream,
Learn our technology and go build a team,
Your only chance is to #DinosUnite,
This is WAR so get ready to fight.

Your only shot, is to face the emergency,
To spread your truths, embracing the urgency,
To make it cool, to swallow your greed,
To make it hot, to do what you need!

Act I Scene i
"Dinosaur Valley"

We are pleased to announce the Act II script is ready for distribution -- seeking characters and groups to bring the story to life on the streets and stages of our new post-national world. We're piloting co-creation workshops; you'll work with your community and us to adapt the script into a suitable "show", and drive your idea into an awe-inspiring production through 1-2 months of fun weekly meetups. There is no wrong way to #DinosUnite! Scroll down to see some highlighted Act 2 productions!

The Script

The Characters

ONESIE, the protagonist, and an unexpected ally.


BOBCAT D'LYON, BOAN SPINAEZ, and ALLO GUTHRIE, celebrity activists.

D-REX THE T-REX, arch-nemesis, and the illustrious E-LOAN TUSK.

Sing Along Samples

Featured Workshop Productions

Live in Lagos, an amateur street performance, with a violin.

Mercatu Vadio, a mixed-media puppet show.

Pre-production Fun, from 2020 and 2021.